It is an indispensable document for any transaction in Spain and essential for everyday life. You will need it to open a bank account or a telephone line, and for your real estate transaction (purchase, sale or rental). It is compulsory for all foreigners working in Spain.

We work with a network of trusted partners well established in the region. This is essential for you to successfully complete your transaction. Of course, a collaborator speaking your language and international specialist will be provided (English, French, German, Russian, Dutch...).
We help you obtain the most suitable and optimized financing conditions for your purchase, thanks to our network of professionals.

Do you have a special project?
Know that we are still here for you: Interior design plans, technical plans, energy certificate, standards, etc.
Thus, if you have bought a house that you like but whose decoration needs to be redecorated, or more to current standards, we will indicate or provide you with the best local professionals. By supporting local development, but also to offer you the best quality of work at the best price.