Legal and administrative support

We are in contact with lawyers, jurists and specialists in the Spanish real estate world. We are used to working with them for a long time, we trust them; they can help us at your convenience, and speed up the process.
On our side, you can count on our passion to find the house of your dreams, and our knowledge of the local system.

At MB Property Spain, we will be with you every step of the way.

Buy in Spain

It is much easier to buy in Spain than in most European countries, thanks to a much more flexible legislation. 

There is an average of 3 months between the moment of the purchase decision and the final handing over of the keys


Get the NIE
Define its budget and financing
Find your property
Skip the legal aspects
Secure your property and sign the compromise
Signing the deed of purchase/ keys

    Getting your NIE

    It is an identification number for foreigners. We can help you obtain it

      Define budget and financing

      Here 2 solutions:
      - make a loan in his bank, with a guarantee
      - or make a loan in a Spanish bank, with a contribution of at least 50%

        Find your property

        We do it together. We know the local market and its peculiarities, it is essential to have a point of contact when you are abroad, and thus avoid unnecessary round-trips.
        If you come, a shuttle service is available.

          Deal with the legal aspects

          With the help of our specialized lawyer, we make sure that the property is legally compliant. No unpleasant surprises on arrival.

            Secure your property and sign the compromise

            It is done in 2 steps
            - To state your intention, by paying a "reserva" of 1000 to 3000€. This is the practice here
            - Sign a compromise of sale, called "arras", between you and the owner. Don't worry, we will always be there.

              Signature/ handing over the keys

              It's D-Day! We go to the notary, you sign, and you get the keys. The property is finally yours!
              Here, you will only have to pay the government taxes (ITP), and the notary's fees.

                Need more information?

                Feel free to contact us